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Please note that I away from 04 February until 01 March 2020 and will not be able to process orders during this time


I'm Petra Antoniou, Reiki Master and lover of herbs and all things natural



I live in the Allgäu close to the Bavarian Alps, a region in the south of Germany where old knowledge, especially herbalism and using herbs to purify the energy is thriving.


Being a Reiki Master I decided to tackle the menopause naturally.  Once I learnt that hormones affect our cardio-vascular system, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, bone density, skin and muscle tone I became passionate about balancing hormones naturally.  To me is the most important aspect of womens' health and I want to share my findings.


I started by collecting Alchemilla from my own untreated meadows according to the moon calendar (on a Venus day of course) and made  mother tincture, which I used to make my first batch of suppositories in 2016. I started experimenting on myself. When the results of my experiment blew me away I offered them to friends and family. Although the original formula using Lady’s Mantle worked well I was curious about the effect of other women’s herbs and started experimenting with a mix of Lady’s Mantle, Yarrow and Red Clover for hormone deficiency. Now I am ready to share the results with you.


 My INTIMATE CARE oil really complements the suppsitories well!


The Herbs have allowed me to open my eyes to the natural beauty of being a woman and empowered me to take charge of my body. I now feel more feminine and happier and I am not exaggerating when I say it changed my life on many different levels! One welcome side effect was strengthening of the connective tissue. So do watch those loose bits firming!


There are many things you can do to help your body and  hope you will get in touch for further information regarding cramping, PMS, menopause or support after having given birth.

I do need to point out that I am not a medical professional, I merely want to share my knowledge.


Whilst I make my HARMONY HERBS products with love, mindfulness and passion and the persuasion of spreading knowledge and self-empowerment I must stress that the tinctures are made from wild-crafted herbs and home-made. Their content has not been clinically tested. I believe that herbs collected with love and respect are more valuable than the commercially available equivalent. None of my friends and family who tested them experienced adverse effects, but please be aware that by buying my products you are taking responsibility for using them at your own risk.

I have taken the plunge to share this knowledge by creating a platform because this is too important to me to keep to myself but I cannot make healing promises. Everone is different and reacts differently.


Everything shifts when you come into harmony with yourself       Panache Desai

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.


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