Herbs to harmonise your hormones


Now is the best time to address any hormonal issues and strengthen your body with natural herbs and essential oils. Vaginal suppostories harmonise issues locally thus benefiting the whole body, since hormones are often the root cause for other problems that we don't necessarily associate with them.

Did you know that hormonal deficiency can cause joint pains, affect the cardio vascular system, cause high colesterol level and even dry eyes?     

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Useful tips on the menopause, PMS and Baby Blues or what really helps after birth.

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Hi, I'm Petra, Reiki Master & lover of herbs because they really work


They have really changed my life and I want to tell you all about it




When nothing is as it was  (think puberty, preganancy, after giving birth, menopause) always remember:

when one door closes another one opens!

Usually we look at the closed door and fail to notice the one that just opened.

With some faith, patience and perseverance and a helping herb or two you will sail through this! I did!


For a while I  couldn’t see the door that herbs and flowers open, be it applied to the body or burnt as herbal incense . I didn’t know that you could take control to counteract the typical changes that follow menopause: thinning and drying membranes, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, joint pains, etc.


Worst of all, I didn’t even link them to hormone deficiency due to menopause...  Well now I know differntly!

Herbs to harmonise your environment

The burning of herbs and plant resins releases their true essence and  allows it to spread to clear the build-up of emotional or spiritual energy.

This ‘Holy Smoke’ has been used since ancient times because people knew that herbal incense changes the energy in a room and in the Aura.

Herbal incense accompanies annual festivities and the important chapters in life.     

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Everything shifts when you come into harmony with yourself       Panache Desai